Government Takedown Demands

Like other technology and communications companies, Tumblr receives requests from governments around the world to either remove content from our services based on allegations that it violates local laws, or to review content to determine if it should be removed for inconsistency with a product’s Community Guidelines or our Terms of Service. Whatever the allegation or assertion, we carefully review each request and respond in accordance with our Global Principles for Responding to Government Requests.

We aim to promote freedom of expression around the world, and are also mindful of local laws that might impact that expression. When we receive an order to remove content, we may block it in only those jurisdictions where it violates local law (aka “geoblock”), so that it remains accessible in areas where it may not be illegal. For example, if we receive a takedown demand from Russia, we may comply with it by blocking the content at issue only from site visitors with IP addresses originating in Russia. We consider this geographical restriction, or geoblocking, of content to be content removal.

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