Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (DSA for short) is an EU regulation that governs the obligations of online platforms like Tumblr towards our users.

At Tumblr, we value transparency and are aligned with the DSA’s goals of advancing transparency about policies and practices. We’ve proactively published reports about government information requests and takedown demands since 2013 (which you can read right here on this Transparency Report site!), and we share information about our content moderation rules and processes in our Help Center

We are committed to promoting freedom of expression while creating a safe, healthy online space. We dedicate significant time, thought, and resources to ensuring our content moderation processes are fair and transparent, and it’s an area we’re continuously working to improve. 

In accordance with the DSA’s requirements, we’re sharing information about Tumblr’s average number of monthly active recipients in the EU over the past six months. This information allows European regulators to determine which platforms have over 45 million average monthly active recipients in the EU and are classed as very large online platforms (“VLOPs”). As of February 17 2023 we calculated, according to the guidance in Article 24(2) and Recital 77 of the DSA, that Tumblr has on average less than half of the 45 million threshold of active recipients in the EU for being designated as a VLOP. This number includes unique logged-in and logged-out users, excluding spam and bot activity to the best of our ability.