2020: Jul 1 – Dec 31

The information below represents the number of requests we have received from users exercising their privacy rights between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. We honor users’ requests to access the data we have collected about them, to delete data we have collected about them, and to opt out of having their data sold (through the operation of our advertising program).

Access Requests


  • Automattic honors Access Requests received from any source or location. It does not restrict Access Requests to individuals residing in the EU or California. Automattic has never denied an Access Request from one of its users.
  • We do not require individuals who submit Access Requests to disclose their location as part of their request. The geographic numbers reported above are our best guess as to which region/law a request is submitted under.

Deletion Requests


  • The deletion of data is tied to our account closure process, which is always self-service and can only be triggered by the logged in account owner or administrator. Because the process is self-service, we do not have data on the full number of users who desired to delete their personal information from our service. The above numbers only represent the total number of deletion requests opened privately with our support team.
  • Because deletion is self-service, Automattic does not deny deletion requests for any verified and logged in account owners. Deletion requests submitted to support are occasionally denied when an individual has lost access to their account and is unable to verify their ownership.
  • Automattic vigorously defends the speech rights of its site owners. We do not honor deletion requests submitted by third parties in an attempt to censor the content published on our service unless the content is found to violate our Terms of Service. We will, upon request of the third party, pass complaints on to site owners (who are the controllers of the data published on their own site).
  • When an account is closed we retain the account data for 30 days, then fully purge it from our systems. For this reason, the length of time it takes to honor a deletion request is always 30 days.

Do Not Sell Requests

  • We show ads on some of our users’ sites as well as some of our own sites, and the revenue these ads generate lets us offer free access to some of our Services so that money doesn’t become an obstacle to having a voice. As part of our advertising program, we and our users use cookies to share certain device identifiers and information about browsing activities with our advertising partners. These disclosures may be considered a “sale” of information under the CCPA.
  • Opting out of personalized ads is a self-service request that is automatic and immediate. For this reason, the length of time it takes to honor an opt-out request is always 0 days.