August 2020

We frequently receive demands from a growing list of nations to remove content that they believe violate a set of vague and seemingly arbitrary censorship laws.

In some cases, the demands are initiated by government bureaucrats, without oversight from a judge or other neutral body, and other times they come in the form of court orders with no realistic chance of appeal. Unfortunately, we must swiftly respond to these demands in order to ensure that is not blocked by a government or ISP for an entire country or region.

This is not just a theoretical concern, as we have experienced this kind of country-wide block in both Turkey and Russia as a result of our refusal to comply with takedown demands.

If a reported site does not violate our policies or Terms of Service (for selling controlled substances or publishing spam, for example), we try to take the most limited and transparent actions available: blocking the content so that it is unavailable only in the specific region involved, and also blocking the minimum amount of content possible.

We take this action with the goal of protecting all of the other 100+ million sites. When a visitor with an IP address originating from the country in question tries to view one of the blocked sites, we display a variation on the following message (in both English and where possible, an appropriate language):

The above example is shown to users in Russia, which links to an EFF article on Russian censorship and official lists of the censored material. Users may also find our guide to bypassing Internet restrictions helpful.

We forward all takedown demands to the site owners involved. However, in an effort to be more transparent about the sites that are subject to this kind of geoblock, we have compiled details below on the various site-wide blocks in place. The list contains the site URL, as well as the date and time (UTC) that the block was recorded in our system.


  • Please be aware that some of the content on the below URLs may be considered offensive. We do not necessarily support or condone these websites in any way.
  • Some of these blocks predate our current blocking mechanism, and so may actually have been in place longer than the listed date.
  • Sites that were suspended for a separate violation of the policies or Terms of Service, or were deleted by the user, are not listed below.
  • The list does not currently include details on blocks that concern individual files or videos.
  • We receive takedown demands regularly, but the list is not updated in real time. This list was last updated on June 30th, 2020.
CountryNumber of sites blocked

To download the full list as a text file, click here.