2023: Jan 1 – Jun 30

Overview of Requests Received


  • Tumblr is required in some circumstances to provide copies of the information it has about someone if that individual requests it, and to facilitate the electronic removal or restriction of personal information, should a person wish to have their info deleted. Additionally, under the GDPR Tumblr must sometimes obtain the expressed consent of individuals when transferring or processing their personal information.

Tumblr’s Data Deletion Process:

Users have the ability to request removal of personal information held by Tumblr at any time. Visit Tumblr’s Help Center for a more detailed description of the data deletion process.

Tumblr’s Data Access Process:

Users can use their privacy settings to see and manage many aspects of how their information is used. Users can also request to obtain and download data associated with their Tumblr account. Visit Tumblr’s Help Center for a more detailed description of the data access process.

Additionally, users can contact us to obtain information about the categories of information we are processing about them, the categories of uses for that information, and the categories of third parties with whom the information is shared.

Right to Opt Out of the Sale of Personal Information

Limiting Tumblr’s use of personal information:

  • Tumblr selectively runs advertisements so we can provide Tumblr content for free. To help select which ads to show users, we may share some information with our advertising partners, or allow advertising partners to “collect” certain information. Residents of some US states, have a right to opt-out of having data sold or shared for advertising purposes. Although Tumblr never sells data in the traditional sense, the personalized advertising we do could be considered a “data sale” under these states’ privacy laws.