Author: Paul Sieminski

General Counsel @ Automattic

Shining Light on National Security Letters

Transparency. We aim for it in most everything we do at Automattic. When it comes to legal demands from the government, being fully transparent can be hard and even impossible in cases where we are prohibited by law from revealing information about a legal request we receive. Nowhere is the lack of transparency more controversial […]

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Defending Net Neutrality

Net neutrality – the principle that providers of internet service must treat all traffic equally – is a cornerstone of the free, open internet. This once-obscure principle has been in the news, as federal agencies, Congress, and even the President debated the proper scope of net neutrality regulations. Automattic supports net neutrality. We recently joined […]

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Transparency Report Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update to our transparency report, covering the period of January 1 – June 30, 2015. We try to make each new transparency report more…transparent, by adding new and more detailed information about the legal demands we receive, our responses to them, and the internal policies that guide our actions. […]

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Standing Up for Bitcoin

We strongly believe in the power of open source software, and have seen first hand how it can empower communities to build better software for an endless variety of applications, from the ground up. Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, are great examples of how open, community driven development can spark innovations that would be very […]

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