2015: Jul 1 – Dec 31

Country Court Orders Requests from government agencies or law enforcement Percentage of requests where content was removed Number of sites specified
Belgium 0 1 0% 1
Brazil 0 2 0% 2
Colombia 0 1 0% 2
France 0 7 0% 7
Georgia 0 1 0% 2
Germany 1 7 0% 10
India 0 4 0% 7
Israel 0 3 0% 4
Russia 0 73 40% 68
Turkey 122 1 0% 132
United Kingdom 0 8 0% 8
TOTAL 123 108 13% 243

Recent Examples

Here are a few recent examples of takedown demands that we received:


  • Law enforcement requested removal of a site that contained objectionable pictures taken of and posted without a woman’s consent by her ex-husband.
  • The government requested the removal of four posts that had the “potential to incite communal hatred.”


  • The government requested the removal of content that violated Israeli law “in matters of slandering a public official, disrespect of the law system and courts, and injuring severely the right for privacy.”


  • We received 73 orders from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) for content that was deemed to be in violation of Russian Federal Law 139.


  • The Telecommunication and Communication Presidency ordered the ban of a site that criticized a terrorist organization under Article 8/A of the Law No. 5651. Article 8/A entitles them to make these decisions in situations requiring protection of national security and public order, prevention of crime, protection of general health upon the request of the relevant Ministries.
  • A court ordered the banning of two posts that allegedly violated the personal rights of the president and his wife. Neither post named the person(s) being criticized.
  • A court ordered the banning of post related to a lost chief village guard who disappeared after being called from the police station. The post alleges that a specific person and other military personnel are responsible from the disappearance of the chief village guard.