2014: Jul 1 – Dec 31

Country Number of requests Percentage of requests where some or all information was produced Number of sites specified
India 7 0% 11
Israel 2 0% 2
Germany 2 0% 3
New Zealand 1 0% 1
Pakistan 1 0% 1
Singapore 1 0% 2
United States 18 67% 19
TOTAL 32 38% 39
Country Number of requests Subpoenas Court Orders Search Warrants
United States 18 89% 0% 11%

Recent Examples

Here are a few recent examples of requests for user information that we received from government sources. We did not provide information in response to any of these requests.


  • French police requested user information as part of a preliminary investigation relating to identity theft and forgery.


  • Munich City PD requested user information related to the alleged violation of §§ 86, 130 of German Criminal Code.


  • Law enforcement requested user information in relating to posts and comments about the Hindu Religion that were “lewd,” ”derogatory,” and “grossly offensive.”
  • Law enforcement demanded information about a user who uploaded a PDF version of a book without permission.
  • Law enforcement requested information relating to alleged “online harassment and character assassination.”


  • Law enforcement requested information about a user who wrote an article that allegedly “damaged the reputation of a public official.”